Successful implementation of
Napier Hospital Information System (HIS)
with Anfas Medical Care Hospital

A modern, scalable platform for hospitals to achieve operational efficiency, manage resources utilization and enhance patient care quality

Now more crucial than ever, hospitals need interoperable technology to help provide seamless care to patients. Napier Healthcare Solutions (“Napier”) offers the functionalities that a hospital needs – secure, interoperable and cost-effective for efficient delivery of clinical information & healthcare services.

Napier is delighted to announce the successful implementation of Napier Hospital Information System with Anfas Medical Care (“AMC”) Hospital in Saudi Arabia. Napier believes that a good Hospital Information System (HIS) can help hospitals gain competitive advantages, increase efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, and provide a high quality of patient care.

With implementation of Napier HIS, AMC can now manage its operation with cutting-edge technology that automates clinical, billing, and supply chain operations. Napier HIS ensures the delivery of operational and administrative information required by users, enhances information integrity, reduces transcription errors and duplicate data, plus optimizes Lab and Radiology reports’ turnaround times.

Napier’s team is fiercely dedicated to furthering client’s success. Despite all the challenges due to Covid induced remote working arrangement, Napier’s team has shown world-class project implementation to complete the entire implementation from its offshore facility. This outstanding accomplishment reiterates Napier’s commitment to delivering “Excellence in Healthcare Management.”

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About Anfas Medical Care

Anfas Medical Care (“AMC”) is a specialized hospital in Riyadh city, Saudi Arabia, with 130 beds. It focuses on chronic pulmonary patients that require long-term care. Today, AMC provides Long Term Care, ICU, Clinical Nutrition, Dialysis, Laboratory, Radiology, Palliative Care, Rehabilitation and Speech, Respiratory Therapy, Urgent Care services.

Dr Mamdouh Al Baqumi

  • CEO and Founder of Anfas Medical Care (AMC)
  • B.Sc. in Pre-Medicine & doctorate of Medicine with Honors,
  • George Washington University, District of Colombia, USA
  • Residency in Internal Medicine
  • New York University Medical Center, NY, USA.
  • Nephrology and Transplantation
  • New York University Medical Center, NY, USA

Dr. Mamdouh holds a B.Sc. in Pre-Medicine and a doctorate of Medicine with Honors from George Washington University, District of Colombia, USA, where he received the Outstanding International Student Award at the President’s Millennium Seminar.

Eng. Abdul Haleem Mohammed

  • IT Director of Anfas Medical Care
  • Masters in Computer Networks (Middlesex University London, U.K)
  • Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering  (INDIA)

A Senior IT Professional with over 15 Years of experience in IT strategic planning, policy implementation, project management, system administration, and IT infrastructure management across diverse roles in the Organizational Hierarchy. Mr. Abdul Haleem has been appreciated on numerous occasions for optimizing cost and minimizing organizational IT risk potential through managerial prudence.

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