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A Letter From Our CEO to Napierites

One Rainy Day in the American War

Dear Napierites,

Trust your family and you are keeping safe.

As the pandemic sweeps the globe, businesses and their leaders face unprecedented challenges adjusting to the sudden and rapid changes, navigating through new realities, and sustaining their business operations. Whether we are in a crisis or not, we all want leaders who follow their hearts as much as they follow their minds.

At Napier, we believe every one of us is a leader in our own right. Whether we lead an entire company, a team of people, a group of friends, our families, or just ourselves. We are all leaders in some form or fashion. Whatever size our circle of influence may be today, if we work to improve as leaders, that circle of influence will grow.

I will share a small story. One rainy day during the American Revolutionary War, a soldier rode out of his encampment and noticed a group of his comrades desperately trying to put a log on the top of a wall they were building. Each time they attempted it; the beam fell. The Corporal in charge was shouting orders and some encouragement, but the soldiers couldn’t not get the beam in position. The soldier stopped and observed them for some time and then asked the Corporal “Why don’t you join in and help?”

The Corporal looked at him and replied, “Don’t you realise that I am the Corporal? Have you ever seen a Corporal do something like that?”

Without saying a word, the soldier dismounted and helped the infantrymen put the timber in place. As they finished, the soldier wiped the sweat from his face, looked at the corporal who was yelling at them the whole time, and said, “If you should need help again, call on Washington, your commander-in-chief, and I will come.”

That moment the Corporal realised that the whole time, he was speaking to their commander-in-chief, George Washington, who later went on to become the US President.

Delivering service with pride, leading with confidence, inspiring others is called Leadership. Leadership is the ability to translate vision into reality. Great leadership is always through Respect for each other, Honesty, Integrity and Transparency, Pride in work, and Ownership. This is the core DNA of Napier Healthcare. This is what makes us Napierites.

We believe, YOU all are bigger than your defined role, and you are much more than your job title, play your part – Transcend your job title, let’s lead by example!

Let each one of your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more!

Happy reading!

With regards, 
Tirupathi Karthik

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