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Adopting Technologies That Save Time and Work

We are pleased to announce that Napier Intermediate and Long-Term Care (iLTC) 21.3 is available to all customers starting today. 

Solutions that automate elder care provider workflows and enhance collaboration show promise in improving staff satisfaction, reducing turnover, and increasing client satisfaction. 

Napier iLTC enables organisations to plan and interact with their clients effectively. Designed with a focus on elder care, Napier iLTC provides a range of features to ensure the smooth running of any care setting. The staff and management have instant access to all service users under their care, with reminders for tasks, assessments and much more. There are a number of other features and reports that can simplify an elder care provider’s day-to-day responsibilities and reduce the need for paper records. 

The Napier ILTC 21.3 solution is updated with enhanced features to ensure smooth communication during the pre-enrolment process, simplify workflow for the care management process, and take care of your bottom line by managing the billing process smartly. 

The new enhanced features in Napier ILTC 21.3.

  • Creating a budget just got easier with Budget Estimator! 

When clients are looking for elder care services, a key question is: What will this cost me? 
There are a number of costs associated with Australia’s Home Care Package. How much, and the types of expenses the client will have to pay depend on the service chosen and level of care. To accurately gauge the cost of a care plan, providers can now create detailed cost estimates, schedules, and care plans based on a client’s needs. This feature also ensures you eventually arrive at a more precise care plan scope and budget. 

  • Mitigate risk, optimize staff time, and ensure client wellness and safety through proper Care Planning during the pre-enrolment process. 

Empower your staff to create flexible, comprehensive care plans quickly from the initial assessment. Select from a range of Standard Assessment templates written in accordance to industry best practices, and customize the selected template to a client’s needs. 

  • In the know with Assessment Versioning 

Assessment forms need to be updated frequently, depending on regulatory/clinical needs. Enhancing the Assessment Versioning helps care providers update new versions of assessment without affecting the clinical flow.  
The staff can easily use the updated assessment form to conduct upcoming evaluations and reports as required with the update. Not only does it improve the security and accuracy of the data used in care coordination, it ultimately makes the right data available to the right people, at the right time; ensuring the highest quality of care! 

Interested in knowing more about the Napier Intermediate and Long Term Care (ILTC) Solution? Contact us at today! 

About Napier Healthcare®

Napier Healthcare® Solutions is a specialist Cloud technology vendor for care providers with Augmented Intelligence in all its products. Driven by the focus to deliver “Excellence in Healthcare Management” with an ingrained culture of innovation, Napier’s approach to technology ensures a platform for a variety of acute care and long term care providers. Armed with Napier’s technology and expertise, healthcare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with comprehensive Mobility access. 

Today, Napier builds not only healthcare management products but is continually infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in all its modules. Napier’s “smart” Assistant provides actionable insights based on their Data and a predictive ability that allows for informed decision making and future-proofing the business challenges. 

To find out how Napier Healthcare® can help your organisation drive top dollar returns on IT investments, make your way to today. 

AI-enabled and Cloud-based Technology in Transforming the Healthcare IT Journey

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