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Improve Home Care Outcomes with Efficient Data Management

Life will never be the same after the global Covid-19 pandemic. Social distancing has become the new norm. Demand for home care service is expected to spike as nursing facilities and assisted living facilities may be unable to accept new residents due to insufficient capacity or lockdowns. Moreover, families may opt out of nursing facilities to keep their elderly loved ones at home with the help of home-based care. 

The increasing number of home care needs and the additional responsibilities/regulatory requirements create real challenges for home care service providers. They have to plan ahead for these difficult situations. One solution is to embrace digital technology, which can simplify the current procedure or workflow and improve the care provider’s efficiency and care quality while keeping the operational costs at bay. 

Napier’s intermediate and long term care (iLTC) solution empowers care providers to collaborate efficiently, manage clients effectively, and deliver personalised care using an all-in-one platform that is built on the Cloud to meet the specific needs of the organisation without additional IT overheads. 

Client care quality takes precedence above all else. With a sound management system, the caregiver can spend less time worrying about administrative tasks and more time focusing on improving client healthcare journeys and outcomes.  

Below are a few examples of how care providers can improve operational efficiency and enhance the client experience by using a good data management platform: 

1. Regulatory reporting and compliance

Every care provider is required to meet local regulations and standards. This is to protect and maintain the safety, health, wellbeing, and quality of life for clients that using care services. But ensuring compliance without the right tools makes the job much more complex. Care providers who have the right software in place are more likely to operate in accordance with the regulations and reduce human errors. Furthermore, a good system often has a built-in feature for organising documents and generate reports or audit trails to easily prove compliance. For example, Napier iLTC compliance with government funding systems — ACFI (Aged Care Funding Instrument) in Australia to allows hassle-free and smoother fund management. 

2. Client onboarding and management

Many providers underestimate the importance of the client onboarding experience. It is easy to see that a bumpy onboarding results in clients feeling disconnected from the service they engaged, leading to a low satisfaction score, poor experience and an eventual non-renewal of the contract. An intuitive referral management system and client engagement system can track referrals, communications, and agreements with the client. With this new technology, clients and staff can get rid of the hard copy process and documentation submission. By connecting the iLTC platform with the required portal, importing referral information can be done in just a few clicks. With this, your frontline staff can reduce the time spent on documentation thereby improving productivity and reducing processing time. 

3. Staffing issue

Besides, Napier’s technology comes in-built with AI-led decision-making features that can process and analyse a vast amount of data far more quickly than a human brain could. This “smart” assistant is able to provide actionable insights based on real-time data and a predictive ability that allows for informed decision making and future-proofs the business challenges. It can positively impact workload management and productivity, giving caregivers more time to provide direct care and enjoy their interaction with clients. 

In 2020, many healthcare organisations started to see the value of AI for various applications, from supporting better clinical decision-making to improving operational efficiencies and extracting meaningful insights buried in a vast amount of data files. Despite these obvious advantages, a hospital still needs to choose a technology provider wisely, such as one with a deep understanding of leveraging such technology to optimise clinical, operational, and billing workflows in order to provide the best quality care.

4. Client Management and Care Plan

A care plan is a tool that long-term care providers use to coordinate and manage clients’ health care goals, needs, and services. When an initial care plan is set, all aspects can be reviewed periodically to build and update this care plan to suit the client’s needs. Napier iLTC supports efficient care planning, conforming to clinical guidelines and standards. Caregivers can update the care plan in the system as and when needed based on their client’s progress. It is an integrated system with features such as real-time health status, updates, and communications that are essential for the caregiver to create a client-centric care plan.  

5. Revenue Cycle:

More often than not, functions such as intake, scheduling, billing, and clinical teams operate in silos. Understanding the nuances of home care revenue cycle and taking an integrated view is critical to the financial success of home care operations. Some of the challenges of the home care revenue cycle include: 

  • Lack of a seamless process to verify eligibility during initial intake and ongoing verification for changes. 
  • Capturing timesheet information from the point of care clinical documentation. 
  • Validating claim information before sending claims to payers, or excessive manual effort to handle payer exceptions. 
  • Lack of effective reports and collection tools to manage overdue claims and receivables.  

Napier iLTC solution consists of a revenue cycle management feature. It can auto-generate and email the invoice to the consumer as per schedule to reduce the staff’s manual work. Additionally, the provider can set rates, services and billing that comply with local regulations, such as National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) norms in Australia. It is an integrated platform that covers all processes, including onboarding, authorisation management, scheduling, billing, and collections; plus features to manage the revenue cycle requirements of these processes for ensuring optimal reimbursements. 

The Surge For Home Care Service Is Real

The growing recognition of home care during this pandemic has led to a surge in demand. To keep up with the growing demand, home care service providers will need to lean on technology to manage their operations while upholding specific practice standards. Napier’s iLTC Home Care solution is a clear end-to-end solution that enables the availability of health information whenever and wherever needed, while providing the critical backbone needed of a governance and compliance system.  

About Napier Healthcare

Headquartered in Singapore, Napier Healthcare Solutions is a specialist global healthcare technology vendor. Having been a pioneering and successful technology player in the healthcare industry for over two decades, Napier today is recognised by Analysts as a leading provider of healthcare management solutions globally, with a comprehensive suite of products. Its offerings include an interoperable Cloud-based platform that empowers Residential Care (Nursing Homes), Disability Centres, Home Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, Telemedicine and, Clinics, Hospitals.  

With Napier’s technology and expertise, eldercare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with Comprehensive Mobility access. All of Napier’s technology comes in-built with AI led decision making features that lead to increased productivity. 

Contact us at today to find out more about how Napier Healthcare can help your organisation to maximise returns on IT investments. 

Contact us at today to find out more baout how Napier Healthcare can help your organization to maximize returns on IT investments.

AI-enabled and Cloud-based Technology in Transforming the Healthcare IT Journey

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