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The Napier Clinical Paper “Performance of a deep learning CNN model for the automated detection of 13 common conditions on Chest X-rays” posted by TechRxiv™.

We are pleased to announce that the Napier Clinical Paper “Performance of a deep learning CNN model for the automated detection of 13 common conditions on Chest X-rays” has been posted on TechRxiv™.

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation trends in many sectors, and healthcare is on the top of the list. Healthcare leaders need to consider adjusting their short-term needs with a long-term vision, and incorporate technology to build a more effective, efficient, and equitable healthcare system.

While Chest X-rays are the widely used worldwide, the complexity of interpretation and the global shortage of radiologists have led to reporting backlogs, delayed diagnosis, and sub-optimal quality of care. 

This inspired our team to develop a fully automated, reliable CNN model that can quickly and reliably triage abnormal images for an urgent review by the radiologist. Our results support worldwide consensus that such models are becoming an integral part of radiology reporting and would be an invaluable addition in the clinical setting.

While the Covid-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented demands on the healthcare systems, it also drives us as the technology partner to bring innovation to market quickly. Now, we are moving from crisis response to a new normal with whilst treating Covid as an endemic. This publication demonstrates our capability as a serious Innovator with a strict scientific approach. I am excited that the Napier AI demonstrates the promise of our vision – Excellence in Healthcare management -in accelerating the future of the healthcare system,” said Mr Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare Solutions.

Amid Covid-19 and remote working challenges, Napier has improved and introduced new technology offerings and recommendations to support healthcare providers as they continue to fight the challenges presented by Covid-19 and other diseases. As the healthcare sector undergoes a digital transformation, Napier is constantly reviewing its technology and product portfolio to best support healthcare organisations’ needs and deliver maximum value.

Click here to read the full Paper on TechRxiv™.

About Napier Healthcare

Napier Healthcare® Solutions is a specialist Cloud technology vendor for care providers with Augmented Intelligence in all its products. Driven by the focus to deliver “Excellence in Healthcare Management” with an ingrained culture of innovation, Napier’s approach to technology ensures a software platform for a variety of acute care and long term care providers. Armed with Napier’s technology and expertise, healthcare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with comprehensive Mobility access.

Today, Napier builds not only healthcare management products but is continually infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in all its modules. Napier’s “smart” Assistant provides actionable insights based on their Data and a predictive ability that allows for informed decision making and future-proofing the business challenges. 

To find out how Napier Healthcare® can help your organisation drive top dollar returns on IT investments, make your way to today.

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