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Napier Launches New AI Powered Chest X-Ray Multi-Classifier

High precision AI-powered
“Radiology Assistant”

Singapore based Napier Healthcare Solutions (Napier), a leading AI-based Healthcare Cloud technology vendor recently released a new solution, an AI-Powered Chest X-Ray Multi Classifier that speeds up the detection of health conditions with more accuracy. The ability to detect multiple diseases has made X-Rays extremely important clinical imaging tools. However, due to a high volume of patients, the work of Radiologists has immensely increased globally.

 The scarcity of specialists, increasing cases due to pandemic stressed out the system and generated need to remove inefficiencies of clinic operations globally. The Napier Chest X-ray Multi-Classifier was therefore created as a game changer in the field of radiology.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the Napier Chest X-Ray Multi-Classifier (“Napier CXR”) maximises workflow efficiencies and provides exceptional imaging performance, making the radiologist’s job a lot easier. The technology infused X-Ray Multi-Classifier also allows for faster detection of health conditions with higher precision of up to 92%*. As a result, patients will experience quicker response times.

The Napier CXR is an innovation in the right direction, and also paves the way for a new era of imaging. As a smart imaging tool, the assistance it provides is reliable, safe, fast and accurate. The equipment is able to detect up to 14 common lung conditions, with the capability to being trained to detect more abnormalities.

The radiology assistant delivers images in high resolution and can pin point the focus area of the abnormality through Heat Maps for localisation. Napier CXR is designed to easily integrate with any HIS / PACS / EMR system or be used as a standalone platform for solo function through image uploads.

By delivering accurate results in a short time span, the Napier CXR solution enhances patient experience, productivity, and eases the work flow of Radiologists. Furthermore, with its ability to deliver fast results, patients’ medical needs will not be put on hold. This increases patient satisfaction scores and their overall experience, leading to an increase in a clinic’s ratings. The Napier CXR is current being used by a leading Diagnostic laboratory in Asia and large Hospital in South Asia.

*Result based on Napier’s classification model

About Napier Healthcare®

Napier Healthcare® Solutions is a specialist Cloud technology vendor for healthcare providers with Augmented Intelligence in all its products. Driven by the focus to deliver “Excellence in Healthcare Management” with an ingrained culture of innovation, Napier’s approach to technology ensures a platform for a variety of acute care and long term care providers. Armed with Napier’s technology and expertise, healthcare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with comprehensive Mobility access.

Today, Napier builds not only healthcare management products but is continually infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in all its modules. Napier’s “smart” Assistant provides actionable insights based on their Data and a predictive ability that allows for informed decisions and future-proof the business challenges.

To find out how Napier Healthcare® can help your organisation drive top dollar returns on IT investments, make your way to today.

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