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World Digital Economy and Technology Summit (WDET) 2022

The World Digital Economy and Technology Summit (WDET) 2022 organised by the KSI Strategic Institute for Asia Pacific was held on 28 & 29 June 2022 in Kuala Lumpur, with over 600 participants discussing how the pandemic has led to digital transformation, pushing more people into e-commerce, digital banking, telehealth, and online education.

The hybrid-format event was attended in person or virtually by top policymakers, corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, digital practitioners, and digital evangelists from 28 countries.

Mustapa Mohamed, Malaysia’s minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Economy) opened WDET’s morning session by noting that Southeast Asia is one of the world’s fastest-growing internet markets and that “the pandemic has completely changed the digital landscape in Southeast Asia, where 14 million new internet users (were) recorded last year”. He said this accelerated the “momentum of digitalisation to unprecedented heights”.

CEO of Napier Healthcare as the panellist in the Session 5: Smart Nation, Smart Cities and Smart Industries: The Future of Sustainability

On day 2, the WDET continued to explore how technology can help build Smart Nations and Smart Industries. Mr. Tirupathi Karthik (Chief Executive Officer, Napier Healthcare Solutions Pte Ltd., Singapore) was among the industry’s leading experts on the session 5 panel.

The panel discussed the following key topics: How do governments modernise IT in a secure, scalable, and functional way, while improving quality of life? How do they become smarter? How do smart cities ultimately lead to smart nations? What are the industries of the future? How do you develop smart industries? What are the trends and challenges in smart nations and smart industries?

Mr Tirupathi Karthik, CEO of Napier Healthcare was a panellist in one of the sessions titled “Smart Nation, Smart Cities and Smart Industries: The Future of Sustainability”. During the session, he discussed Napier’s efforts and its plan, highlighting the necessity for enterprises to implement Artificial Intelligence (AI). He shared the case study of Napier with Residential Garden in Australia on the implementation of RPM solution, and how technology has successfully improved the quality of health of the elderly, and the acceptance of elders towards the technological devices. Furthermore, he also stressed upon the importance of user experience, which should be the priority as it directly translates into the success of a project. “A project will be a failure if you don’t carry users with you. You need to bring the stakeholders into the solution, let people work together with technology”, he said.

Mr Tirupathi Karthik highlighted some of the design choices for Smart Health,, citing the following key messages:

  • AI is a mind-set; infuse AI in everything we do.
  • Prevention is better than cure; the healthcare sector should focus on helping citizens maintain health instead of treating diseases. Hence the focus should be on Wellness of the community and enabling such Smart Health Solutions.
  • Good tech architectural plan is needed in the beginning.

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