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Learn how hospitals are using technology to provide high-quality care to their patients, increase employee satisfaction, bring all their data together, and connect everything they do.


Experience a seamless hospital operation experience

Your data is everywhere, in every format that you could ever imagine. And it’s growing by the minute! Your teams are leveraging the data to do their jobs. Your operation and business depend on it to survive and thrive.

It’s time to adopt a myNapier – a cloud-based Hospital Information System (HIS).

Enhanced care delivery with reduced cost and improved patient experience

myNapier is a cloud-based Hospital Information System from Napier Healthcare in partnership with Microsoft®. It is fully configurable comes with in-built self-service functionality.

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Your personal data concierge
Simplify your life, Amplify your performance

Cloud-based HIS

Improve your hospital information system experience with our portfolio of cloud storage and capabilities. myNapier is flexible and scalable based on your hospital size with out-of-the-box features to start your operations immediately.


Subscription fee model with no upfront license fee. No more typical capital expenditures purchase cycles and upgrade your database infrastructures faster with no hardware purchase required.

Modular solution

myNapier offers flexible workflows to support various scenarios and ensure optimal operational outcomes for your hospital. Easy scalability allows you to expand your usage when demand calls for it at a single low price.

User experience

An easy to use interface that reduces the user learning curve for greater adoption. With seamless integration across disparate sources, it ensures your data is always available and easily consumed.

Speed is the new scale

myNapier built with scalability and flexibility in mind; it only needs a few weeks of implementation effort.

Multi-facility collaboration

Allows hospital facilities to operate in a centralised or hosted environment. Supports consolidation of financials, centralised inventory, and patient records portability from one facility to another promotes high patient satisfaction scores.

Financial flexibility that you need

Free up cash flow and increase financial performance with a single subscription fee — no investment needed in hardware or additional third-party software.

Real-time view of information

myNapier allows user to access to accurate and timely clinical information quickly through desktop or mobile devices.

myNapier leverages
the features of Microsoft Azure
  • myNapier is hosted on Microsoft Azure
  • Usage of SQL DB as a Service
  • Reduce Capex related to hardware
  • Higher ROI
  • Reliable Cloud Provider
myNapier unlocks the best of the cloud, simplifies processes,
drives greater organisational efficiencies and improves patient care outcomes.

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