Ensuring industrial and public safety and security

Importance of Medical Assessment in Occupational Safety and Health

Medical Assessments are done in the workplace to evaluate the medical and physical fitness of the employees. Such assessments are done to assess the experience of an individual for a particular job role, for example, professions that are exhausting and demand more strength, flexibility, dexterity or other physical characteristics.

A look at the facts surrounding some disasters:

The above facts clearly show that medical assessment is of utmost importance if not done as per safety standards can lead to severe catastrophes.

Real world challenges in Medical Assessment

It is very important for the regulatory authorities to get the medical assessments done in an organized and monitored framework if not may lead to disasters. The common challenges faced here are:

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Solution Framework

The Solution Framework embraces ‘open system’ philosophy. This simply means the solution can be integrated with any system integrators/centralized EMRs by applying latest technology innovations

Business Benefits

The solution is simple to identify—move out of the paper-based environment into digital, with a secure electronic medical record (EMR) purpose-built for use in sectors driven by regulations.

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Also: Do not forget to ask how we most recently helped a civil aviation authority implement an ICAO-compliant medical system that routinely manages the entire medical assessment processes leading to the license issuance/renewals of more than 4,000 pilots and 370 air traffic controllers.

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