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Motorola Napier Spotlight March 2012


The global headquarter of Napier Healthcare Solutions with its key senior management and business operations are located in Singapore. Napier’s global sales operations cover Asia, Africa, Middle East and USA. Its global development centers are based in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Singapore. The company has successfully implemented their Mobile Electronic Medication Administration Record (eMAR) application on Motorola RhoElements.

Empowering Mobile Caregivers with Instant Access Anywhere Anytime
Unveiled in October 2011, Motorola RhoElements offers the industry’s first framework for developing HTML5 applications on Android, Windows Embedded HandheldTM and Windows Compact Mobile Computers (CETM) devices. Since RhoElements applications are operating system-independent, developers only need to master and maintain expertise in that single programming protocol, the cost of maintaining resources with expertise in different programming languages and technologies is eliminated.

Designed to provide real-time mobile access to administer medications, Napier’s eMAR solution operates on a Motorola Solutions’ Enterprise Tablet (ET1) with hardware integration of barcode scanning and Bluetooth connectivity. Napier originally developed their application using RhoElements on Windows mobile device and found the platform to be robust. The release of ET1 in December 2011 paved the way for the development of the eMAR solution.

Great User Group Support
Napier took two months, three programmers and two business analysts to complete their solution implementation on Motorola RhoElements. The development team enjoyed plenty of support, including training and technical manuals, access to online developer forums, as well as insightful exchange with fellow developers and Motorola evangelists. “RhoElements user group support was excellent! We enjoyed the experience tremendously,” said Hareesh Veldandi, Principal Solution Consultant, Napier Healthcare Solutions.

About Napier Mobile eMAR
Using the application running on ET1, nurses can scan the patient wristband, the medication barcode and their own ID card in seconds. It ensures that the right patient receives the right medication, the right dose, by the right route, at the right time. The caregivers have real-time access to medication related knowledge bases and information on patient interactions. They also have the ability to see alerts and allergies of the patient, record vitals, view lab results and medication orders, and record medication related incidents. Lastly, the application also provides communication services with service providers. Napier is positioning the solution to serve hospitals, long-term care facilities and nursing homes in the Asia region.

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