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Napier AI Pitch Deck Announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Napier AI Pitch Deck in now available.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the critical focus areas across the digital health ecosystem. There are endless opportunities to leverage technology to deliver more efficient, precise decisions and interverntions at the right moment in a patient’s care.

After having done POC over 6 month period dand extensive research on how the global Health IT Industry is shaping up, we are finally ready to present our approach to AI.

Healthcare providers are now able to leverage their previously unused knowledge that was inaccessible to them. We have launched a new branding “Napier’s AI Inside”to signify embedded intelligence in all our products. This is a strategic shift and is intended to convey the use of AI in everyday life and not just as a separate solution or module.

Aritificial Intelligence use cases are equarlly applicable to both HIS as well as to ILTC

Key topics in Napier AI Pitch Deck:

  • Challenges in AI
  • Napier Accessbility to a rich mine of meta data
  • AI’s potential in helping us tackle the pressing issues raised by pandemic
  • What’s available in Napier AI inside (Pnenumonia screeing Accelerator, iEMR, Napier Assistant, Predicting the Lenght of Stay, Sepsis Predictor for Patients)
  • How Napier does it – Model Building & Management
  • Napier AI & ML Platform

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