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Napier gives intelligent patient referrals another booster shot

Napier Loop 15.1 now offers multi-tenancy, even simpler compliance with HIPAA regulations and greater usability and accessibility for all.
Princeton, New Jersey, July 1, 2015 – The leading healthcare technology and services provider Napier Healthcare Solutions today announced the release of Napier Loop 15.1, the latest iteration of its secure Cloud-based patient referral management platform for healthcare providers of all types—primary care providers, specialists, rehabilitation clinics, home health care agencies, hospices, hospitals and health systems.

Launched in January this year, Napier Loop has been built to help physicians circumvent typical problems in patient referral management via the automation of processes that previously required the use of hardcopy documents, faxes and phone calls, which for years had proven to be inefficient and prone to error, and often resulted in miscommunication and missed opportunities.

Napier Loop leverages the power of the cloud to streamline communication and enable a single repository for referrer and consultant—optimizing physician-to-physician collaboration by increasing visibility and enabling referral tracking. As a result, it delivers faster and easier referrals and better communication of necessary referral information to enable better physician decision-making, and reduces leakages arising from missed patient to physician/specialist referrals.

“Napier Loop has always been about making care coordination and collaboration between providers simple, hassle-free and highly efficient by freeing them of time-wasting paperwork and anything else that gets in the way of referral completion and the delivery of the best clinical outcomes possible,” said Napier Healthcare CEO Tirupathi Karthik. “In our development and implementation work with customers we further identified the elements that make referral management more operationally and cost efficient, and incorporated each of them to make sure we bring maximum ROI to all our healthcare providers in need of such a solution.”

The latest enhancements on the Napier Loop system include:-

• Performance Dashboards – with snapshot views of practice referral performance, and options for quick referencing and sorting of relevant data on each dashboard.

• New usability and accessibility features — simple font size scaling for improving the readability of webpages, better referral work lists to manage sent and received referrals and functions for easy upload of photos captured via smart devices.

• Secure Multi – tenancy—based on this architecture, Napier Loop offers corporate customers the performance, scalability, flexibility and security of a comprehensive patient referral management system, but at the reduced cost of a shared resource.

• Enhanced HIPAA-specific automation features — covering the provisioning of standard business associate (BA) agreements and the proper management, surrender and purging of data classified as Protected Health Information (PHI).

To learn more about what Napier Healthcare and Napier Loop can do for you and your organization, visit www.napierhealthcare.com.

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