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Napier Healthcare and Ageing Asia Host Reception for Singapore’s Elderly Care Leaders

Chief administrators from key nursing home and elderly care organizations in the country exchanged ideas and best practices at the Networking Cocktail.
Singapore, December 16, 2014 – Napier Healthcare Solutions and social enterprise focusing on care for the elderly Ageing Asia together hosted the Ageing Asia Alliance Networking Cocktail 2014 last Wednesday (December 10, 2014) in the Gilmour Room at the Singapore Cricket Club.

Filling the room that evening were senior executives running Singapore’s nursing homes and elderly care concerns from the public and private sectors, who engaged one another and representatives from Napier Healthcare and Ageing Asia in deep discussion on the trends they see in their industry, the challenges they face and the strategies they expect to deploy to drive efficiencies and further elevate service standards all around.

Janice Chia, Founder and Managing Director of Ageing Asia, offered her vision for Ageing Asia and the elderly care industry and the 10 most notable best practices she has identified being employed by European and Japanese organizations in “the business of ageing” in the areas of dementia care, nursing homes, rehabilitation, palliative care and housing.












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