Napier Healthcare Launches Napier Loop: Intelligent Patient Referral Management on the Cloud

Automated referral and retrieval solution takes healthcare closer toward Care Transition vision

Singapore, January 15, 2015 – Napier Healthcare, a leading healthcare technology and services provider today announced the General Availability of Napier Loop, a secure Cloud-based patient referral management platform for healthcare providers of all types – primary care providers, specialists, rehabilitation clinics, home health care agencies, hospices, hospitals and health systems.

In the United States, it is estimated that 105 million patient referrals are made each year by healthcare providers –typically from primary care physicians (PCPs) to specialists–-yet one in five patients do not complete their referrals , and 70 percent of those who do will not have had their health records sent over to their specialist before their visit . At the same time, 50 percent of referring PCPs report that they do not get the information needed to care for their patients from specialists . These problems occur due to current old-world practices in patient referral management (using hardcopy documents, faxes and phone calls) that are inefficient and prone to error, often resulting in miscommunication and missed opportunities.

Napier Loop solves these problems. By automating the referral management process and replacing the fax and phone, Napier Loop leverages the power of the cloud to streamline communication and enables a single repository for referrer and consultant—optimizing physician to physician collaboration by increasing visibility and enabling referral tracking. Napier Loop delivers the following benefits to ultimately help provide higher levels of patient- satisfaction:

  • Faster and easier referrals
  • Better communication of necessary referral information
  • Enabling better decision-making
  • Ultimately, more referrals completed faster.


“Napier Loop is all about simplifying and strengthening care coordination and collaboration between providers. It enables providers to focus on the care of their patients.” said Tirupathi Karthik, CEO of Napier Healthcare. “Napier Loop frees them of time-wasting paperwork, drives out inefficiency, and enables them to communicate with other medical practitioners to ultimately deliver the best care possible to every patient who comes through their door.”


Napier Healthcare’s unique approach is to inspire organizations to leverage technology, to transform their business operations, and transcend the existing boundaries of health care delivery to enable them to innovate in new business models for the use of healthcare information technology.


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With Napier’s Healthcare solutions, hospitals can run their end-to-end operations with complete visibility and control over costs. The Mobility, Analytical and Care Transition solutions offered by Napier are today powering innovative healthcare delivery models worldwide.

Established in 1996, Napier’s software and services has helped midsized, large private and public sector hospitals transform the way they capture clinical information, streamline workflow, reduce medical errors and provide analytical insights. Headquartered in Singapore with presence in USA, India and Middle East, Napier’s solutions are in line with the latest global healthcare trends and standards such as the United States Meaningful Use certification and ISO 9001:2008.

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