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Napier partners with Microsoft to launch Cloud-Based Hospital Management Solutions on Windows Azure

Partnership will help hospitals attain excellence in operations whilst embracing cloud computing that provides flexibility and enables quicker adoption of Hospital Information System (HIS) 

SINGAPORE, July 19, 2013 – Napier Healthcare Solutions (www.napierhealthcare.com), a leading healthcare software provider, today announced a strategic partnership with Microsoft based on a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which will help hospitals deploy Napier’s flagship Hospital Information System (HIS) on Microsoft’s Windows Azure cloud platform. The HIS is an integral part of Napier’s comprehensive EHRm product suite.

Hospitals of any size can benefit from Napier’s HIS on the Windows Azure platform through seamless and secure access from anywhere in the world. Built on a rock-solid foundation that powers some of the biggest businesses in the world, the platform is built to handle millions of requests per day and offer incredible stability and automatic load balancing.

With the HIS hosted across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, hospitals can improve their system scalability and reliability without having to worry about adding or managing physical servers to meet the changes in their demand. They can then focus on improving the quality of their patient care.

Hospitals can enjoy substantial cost savings as there is no need for investments in hardware or additional software. With the platform’s exceptional availability and uptime, hospitals can easily integrate Napier’s cloud applications on this stable and flexible platform into their existing IT environment.

“Hospitals are increasingly seeing the need to adopt cost-effective solutions to remain competitive and offer excellent patient experience while managing limited resources. Greenfield hospitals can start their operations from “Day One” on a world class platform with very little IT support. Napier’s Windows Azure based platform will enable hospitals to support their operations with world class automation and thereby achieve higher scores in their Patient satisfaction surveys. We are excited to support the hospitals in their continuum of patient care,” said Karthik Tirupathi, CEO of Napier Healthcare Solutions. “Hospitals now have the option to transform their healthcare delivery model, add innovative technology solutions to drive efficiency whilst reducing their total cost of ownership.”

The feature-rich HIS, which comes configured with various patient and hospital administration modules, will be available to hospitals on a subscription-based pricing model that will allow them to only pay for what they use. Napier’s unique SaaS offering dramatically lowers barriers to ease of use and will further accelerate the adoption of Healthcare IT solutions within the Hospital environment. Plans are afoot to launch advanced Mobility and Analytics solutions on the Cloud.

“Microsoft’s approach to healthcare is focused on helping organizations deliver better outcomes for patients. Through this partnership with Napier, we are enabling hospitals to focus on patient care, while cost-effectively consuming innovative cloud services.” said Gabe Rijpma, Senior Director, Health and Social Services Asia, Microsoft. “Napier’s Hospital Information System will enable hospitals to quickly adopt a reliable and secure solution that utilizes the best features of the Windows Azure platform.”

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With Napier’s Healthcare Solutions hospitals can run their end-to-end operations with complete visibility and control over costs. The Mobility and Analytical solutions offered by Napier are today powering innovative healthcare delivery models in emerging economies. Established in 1996, Napier’s software has helped midsized, large private and public sector hospitals across Asia Pacific, India, Middle East and Africa. Napier’s healthcare solutions transform the way hospitals capture clinical information, streamline workflow, reduce medical errors and provide analytical insights. Headquartered in Singapore, Napier Healthcare has presence in USA, India, Middle East and Africa. For more information on us, visit www.napierhealthcare.com.

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