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Napier Solution Suite for SMART Hospitals

By Anil Kumar, Vice President Products

Napier’s vision is to provide seamless patient care and enable excellence at all healthcare touchpoints using latest technologies and thought-leading innovation. This fits perfectly with healthcare organizations looking to transform into SMART hospital providing efficient and safe care. The core pillars of this vision are:

Care Anywhere

Napier’s approach to improve patient access and integrated care delivery at different care settings – Seamless solution that is available at home prior to hospital visit, at the hospital moving across different departments and during post-discharge rehabilitation and patient monitoring. Some of the capabilities available in the Napier solution suite includes:

  • Artificial intelligence AI enabled chatbots and automated voice enabled response agents to book appointments, respond to patient inquiries. This revolutionary solution reduces wait times for patients needing information or booking appointments over phone or internet
  • Napier patient portal and mobile apps provide access to patients to view their medical records, discharge instructions as well as enable viewing invoices and make payments online
  • Napier RPM and tele-health solution enables remote patient care management and monitoring for chronic patients and patients requiring re-habilitation post discharge. This is an add-on solution that improves patient satisfaction and helps provide superior post-discharge care
  • Napier’s home care solution extends care beyond the hospital boundaries to patient homes

New Technology & Innovations

Napier’s solutions leverage latest technology to build several industry-leading innovations and capabilities to predict and deliver efficient & safe care. Some of the examples include:

  • Barcode and RFID integration which is available throughout the application to improve patient safety and enhance efficiency. For example, during medication management, our customers have realized 50% time savings in the administration process as well as fewer errors using bar coded matching of medications
  • E-Token system that is available in the application automatically tracks TAT (Turn around times) and wait times at every single point of care – For example in the Lab department, all activities from sample collection times, report creation to delivery are tracked for planned vs. actual delivery times. E-Token system also provides options to notify patients of delays, updates related to their lab. This capability provides automated KPI management dashboards of all departments while improving transparency in patient care.
  • Interactive EMR is a path-breaking innovation that saves precious time of doctors. It listens to doctor-patient conversations and converts them into pre-filled data in EMR using complex artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms on voice data. This makes the EMR entry a parallel process saving time for doctors. It also ensures more complete EMR data entry reducing missed or omitted entries thereby improving patient safety
  • Smart Ward is a concept Napier is working on to make everything from requesting services, raising beds, food, turning on/off lights in the ward etc. to be automated through a voice enabled interface like Google Home and Amazon Alexa
  • Progress tracking is an innovation in the EMR that enables clinicians to take pictures, videos of patient wound, movements etc. during consultations / visits and enables clinicians to compare them side-by-side. Future releases will include analysis of images/videos to identify changes.

Organization Impact / Results –

Napier transformation™ is a methodology and set of tools that enables organizations to realize business goals and value through technology implementation. This methodology helps understand process bottlenecks, suggest improvements as well as come up with right approaches and strategies to solve key technology, integration, operational and business problems.

Predictive analytics tools for revenue/cost forecasts, inventory alignment against demand etc. result in better predictability of revenue, costs and material management.

Napier’s approach with Care Anywhere, New Technology Innovations and Organizational Impact will ensure that organization will achieve the vision of SMART hospital with a future-proof solution.