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We are delighted to announce that yet another myNapier project is live with The Nation Hospital

Implementation of myNapier in The Nation Hospital, India 

  • A modern and scalable HIS for hospitals to improve information integrity and enhanced patient care  
  • Achieve operational efficiency and maximize revenue 

Napier is delighted to announce another successful implementation of myNapier with The Nation Hospital in India. 

The work environment in healthcare organizations is ever-changing. There are many external pressures, whether it is the pandemic, regulatory enhancements or clinical quality initiatives. Hospitals are continually making adjustments on care programs, inventory, and human resources to support their care models. To support all these changes in the facility, The Nation Hospital is committed to providing world-class service to its patients by embracing technology. 

myNapier reduces 
operational cost while increasing efficiency

myNapier offers advanced functionality for a fraction of the cost compared to  on-premise software. It can be implemented quickly and eliminates costly hardware installation while enabling the hospital to manage data efficiently. Furthermore, Napier HIS’ comprehensive modules and its user-friendly dashboards enable easy rendering of workflows, increased efficiency, and improved agility. 

Paved way for a patient-centric approach 

In view of the increased work tasks and patient influx due to pandemic, a well-connected system allows faster information transfers, more integrated and efficient care. myNapier continues to empower The Nation Hospital by providing easy and secure access to health information through devices on a “24/7” basis. The doctors, nurses, and other staff can access the patient record or other data on a computer or tablet when needed, rather than transferring the files back and forth whenever someone needs to update or access them. 

Health data is also crucial to hospital financial management because it involves medical coding, billing, and administration process. This information is vital in ensuring that the hospital provides quality patient care at affordable cost. With myNapier, it helps to centralises all data ranging from treatment records, vital signs, and X-rays to financial, demographic, and identification data. 

Now, Nation Hospital can manage patient information, billing, inventory, resource utilisation, and handle all services beyond four walls. The Napier HIS financial management features also help the staff to conduct their department-critical operations with up-to-date information and greater productivity without jeopardising data integrity, such as discharging a patient or generating the final bill with accurate details. 

Innovation for the new normal 

The pandemic has highlighted the significance of solid processes to maintain quality performance through catastrophic times. myNapier delivers the vision of information sharing and effective use of resources to the greatest extent. It enables the hospital to address fluctuating demands and simultaneously easily scaled up to the hospital capacity when a need arises. By choosing the right tool and implementing it, the Nation Hospital is able to stay relevant in a dynamic and competitive health care industry. 

Should you need more information about myNapier, please contact us at . 

About Anfas Medical Care

The Nation Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital located at West Bengal, India. The Nation Hospital firmly believes in its mission of “Quality health care for all” to keep “The Nation healthy”. It is a 150 bedded hospital that provides general medicine, pediatrics & neonatology, neuro & spine surgery, general & laparoscopic surgery, gastroenterology, gynecology & obstetrics, and orthopedics, emergency & critical care and other medical services. Check out more information about the Nation Hospital at  ““   

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