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Patritus set to Bring High Tech to the European Spa and Wellness Industry with Napier’s Telehealth Technology

SINGAPORE, MAY 22, 2017 – Singapore-based healthcare technology solutions provider Napier Healthcare Solutions, announced today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Patritus, representing its daughter group of companies ROYAL SPA, in the Czech Republic with facilitation from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.


The MoU will be signed at the Czech–Singapore Trade and Investment Forum in the capital Prague on May 24, 2017. The Czech Republic-Singapore Business Forum is part of a broader business mission to Poland and the Czech Republic led by the Singapore Business Federation and IE Singapore.


Under the MoU, Napier Healthcare and Patritus will be piloting the use of Napier’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system at Patritus facilities under the ROYAL SPA brand of medical spa hotels and resorts in the Czech Republic. This solution will also serve as a showcase to other high-end medical spa and wellness resorts across Europe as well as other potential customers.


Integral to this partnership was IE Singapore, the government agency helping Singapore companies to go global. With the rise and acceptance of Internet of Things (IoT)  products and increased consumer spending in Central & Eastern Europe, Napier Healthcare worked with the agency to explore partnerships in the region suited for its range of high-end tech products. This eventually led to the partnership between Napier Healthcare and Patritus.


Patritus’ world-renowned facilities under the ROYAL SPA brand offer the total capacity of 1,000 beds and a wide range of services, including first class medical spa treatments administered by qualified medical staff, along with therapeutic treatments for cancer patients in remission, sufferers of various chronic illnesses, senior citizens maintaining their health, and patrons on weight reduction or detox programs. Now Patritus is set to revolutionise the luxury spa business further by championing the adoption of high-tech healthcare solutions to enhance service packages, raise staff productivity, and increase patron engagement and satisfaction.


Napier Healthcare’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) system, a part of its Long Term Care solution suite, consists of intelligent health monitoring devices, IoT gateways and a central Cloud-based management portal. This enables care providers to work in collaboration with their patients to track and manage their vital signs and health indicators (blood pressure, pulse rate, blood glucose level and weight).


The introduction of Napier RPM into Patritus’ ROYAL SPA facilities–which have been built as perfect environments for natural healing–is expected to make their staff more productive and their patrons more involved in the monitoring and maintenance of their health.


“Our spa complexes and wellness hotels are carefully constructed environments in the traditional spa cities to aid the healing process for the ill, revive the energy of the old and energise the tired,” said Patritus CEO Martin Plachý. “The addition of this new system to how we operate should lessen the burden of tracking the condition of each of our patrons on our staff so they can better focus on doing all they can to raise the level of care they provide.”


“We are honoured to enter this partnership with one of Europe’s major medical spa and wellness resort players. Patritus will almost immediately see the benefits of our premier telehealth solution and serve as a stellar example of what innovations in telehealth can do for similar high-end wellness service providers,” said Napier Healthcare CEO Tirupathi Karthik. “Also, it is not easy to identify a suitable business partner and this was made possible with IE Singapore’s partnership. This is a start for us within the Czech Republic and Central and Eastern Europe in general. We aim to do more with IE Singapore’s support and guidance.”


Napier Healthcare will be setting up stations of devices across Patritus’ ROYAL SPA facilities. Each station will be equipped with an IoT gateway that connects with various medical devices for measuring blood pressure, pulse rate, blood glucose level and body weight. These results are made available through the Napier RPM system residing on a secure Cloud for ROYAL SPA to provide a higher level of care and also for its patrons to better manage their health conditions.



The Napier RPM solution enables the delivery of telehealth offerings that fulfill the healthcare needs of those who require regular monitoring and instruction but do not require in-person consultations with medical/healthcare professionals as frequently.


The solution includes:

* Tele-monitoring of vital signs and other health indicators (blood pressure, pulse rate, blood glucose level and weight)

* Tele-alerts in cases of specific changes in health indicators that require medical attention


Napier RPM uses advanced multi-protocol IoT technologies and a secure Cloud to offer healthcare providers and their customers high value at affordable costs.


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