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Tackling Mundane Healthcare Tasks with AI & Chatbots

The entry of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) has disrupted health care industry just like many other industries in this information age. From an automation perspective, healthcare systems have benefited a lot more than anticipated with AI and chatbots. AI can be implemented in a number of day-to-day processes in healthcare to transform and automate the most mundane repetitive work to reduce time consumption and also eliminate manual errors.

Some basic applications of AI

Healthcare personnel is often overburdened with the tedious tasks such as assessing X-Rays, CT scans, and data entry—to name a few. This is precisely where a healthcare information system with AI is helping most by simplifying and automating the tasks, driving efficiency and staff satisfaction.

AI can expansively be used to manage patient health data and significantly help in analyzing that data to provide actionable insights to provide better care.

Improving Customer Experience

Healthcare organization invests a huge amount of money in customer service management to enhance the customer experience. Automated Chatbots, a manifested offshoot of AI, can leverage multiple technologies like sentiment analysis, knowledge management, and language processing to interact with users via interfaces like live chat, SMS, etc. This not only helps organizations reduce costs but also interact and cater to customer inquiries 24/7.

Chatbots & Healthcare

Virtual personal assistants infused with AI capabilities are fast becoming an integral part of healthcare information systems. These virtual personal assistants (chatbots) are now helping various members of a healthcare ecosystem to simplify their daily tasks. For example, in an aged care setup – a nurse can record resident’s vitals using a mobile application or a patient/clinician scheduling an appointment and boosting communication between healthcare providers and patients.

Napier Assistant

Napier Healthcare has incorporated voice controlled chatbot across all Napier solutions. The chatbot named Napier Assistant gives the ability to respond automatically or within seconds to users speaking to the bot. This voice-controlled chatbot is designed to mainly improve the interaction experience between clinical staff and patients.

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