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The Silver Tsunami and rising costs of healthcare

Best practices for adoption of the right technologies

Case study: Digital Transformation of a Nursing Home

Demo: Award-winning Nursing Home Solution

Key Discussion Points

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Meet our experts

As the leader behind the development of the Nursing Home Solution, Ryan devotes himself to working very closely with customers on how best to put together a system that covers every aspect of an eldercare facility’s operations. He most recently helped a nursing home in Singapore win a national award for outstanding efficiency and productivity gains derived through the strategic use of IT.

Ryan Gelig

With more than a decade’s experience in the enterprise and healthcare IT industry, Shireesh has led digital transformation efforts of organizations across North America, Africa, Asia and Australia. Among these major initiatives are the move from manual to paperless processing and workflows for a private hospital in Botswana, and the more recent deployment of an advanced telehealth system for a nursing home in Australia.

Shireesh Tautam

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