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Be a Better Healthcare Provider, No Strings Attached

Having a mobile EMR delivers enormous benefits for physicians, healthcare facility administrators, and medical works, all the way to patients themselves.


Let’s consider some key findings from the 2015 HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey:-

  • 90% of care providers are utilizing mobile devices within their organizations to engage patients in their healthcare
  • 36% of care providers believe the use of app-enabled patient portals is the most effective tool in patient engagement

Mobile EMR moves with you wherever you go—whether to the clinic, home, office or anywhere you happen to be on a holiday. As things are moving fast, people increasingly need everything in a hurry, and no one wants to wait. In such a fast-paced world, healthcare practitioners naturally also need to respond with alacrity and deliver services wherever it is needed quickly.

In critical situations, when a patient is in urgent need of medical attention, the physician or the nurse attending to him should be able to tend to him immediately, and be free from having to go to an office or a centralized counter to access and enter patient information in an EMR on a computer before administering treatment. That’s where a mobile EMR system comes in—it means a physician can run his or her practice from just about anywhere.

With a mobile EMR system, medical practitioners can optimize their business in many ways.

They can register patients and start consultations right next to the patient, wherever they may be. Right there and then, they can immediately schedule appointments, view their list of scheduled appointments, access a patient’s medical records, clinical history, investigation results, procedure details, clinical notes, the medication previously and currently prescribed and administered, vitals, charts, allergy list, test results, and immunization schedule.

A mobile EMR system means a physician has the option to start video consultations from wherever they happen to be, even when he’s on holiday. As long as he has web access, he can perform a consultation remotely and at the same time review lab results, route an e-prescription to the pharmacy closest to the patient. If required he can have the patient’s caregiver or the patient himself take photos and upload them directly to the patient’s record on the EMR.

Having a mobile EMR system does the following for healthcare providers:-

  • Enhances documentation with imaging
  • Improves efficiency
  • Enables better communication all around
  • Ensures compliance and patient safety, particularly with regard to drug allergies/negative interactions
  • Facilitates better tracking of laboratory information, vital signs and health indicators such as blood sugar and blood pressure levels
  • Drives cost savings, efficiencies, security and seamless healthcare delivery office

Patients are empowered too. They can choose to register themselves and book appointments using through mobile EMR. All they would have to do is upload and fill out the required information well before they set foot in their doctor’s office. And if they opt to stay at home, they can access the mobile EMR system, view their records and make a video call to their doctor or hospital staff for an assessment or help.

The time is now to seriously consider giving our healthcare providers the power of mobility. The time for mobile EMR is now.

—By Muhammad Asif MP, Business Analyst, Napier Healthcare Solutions (muhammadasif.mp@napierhealthcare.com)


Mobile EMR – Medical Practice Anytime, Anywhere

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