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Napier Serves Up Tech-Enabled Innovation in Australian Eldercare

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, May 16, 2018 – Healthcare technology solutions provider Napier Healthcare and Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged (Residential Gardens) announce today the successful implementation and operation of Napier’s comprehensive long-term care solution suite at the residential care provider’s facility in Rooty Hill, New South Wales, Australia.

This is the first-of-its-kind use of Singapore healthcare IT in Australia. The Napier long-term care solution suite includes the award-winning Napier Nursing Home Solution (NHS) and Napier Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM). Together on the Microsoft Azure platform, they enable the effective management of all the care administration needs of a provider looking to extend its reach beyond residential care and farther into its community with a full set of home care services.

With the system, Residential Gardens can now:

  • more easily meet the aged care sector’s regulations and highest standards
  • roll out more offerings more quickly to the community it serves
  • manage care packages, costs more efficiently for clients via an interface with the Medicare Aged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) system
  • deliver home care packages to the letter and spirit of Consumer Directed Care (CDC) specifications

“The Australian eldercare operator sector is a very challenging one to be in. In addition to the usual financial pressures of running any enterprise, we have to constantly raise our service quality, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and satisfy the demands of our very discerning clients,” said Marta Terracciano, CEO of Residential Gardens. “This new system makes it much easier for us to meet such challenges. It gives us the visibility into our operations and financials to better ensure we provide continuing superior levels of care and also plan to ensure our sustained growth.”

“Congratulations to Residential Gardens for seeing through its aggressive plan of digital transformation with stellar results,” said Tirupathi Karthik CEO of Napier Healthcare. “Working with eldercare operators all over the world, the Napier solution running on Microsoft’s leading Cloud infrastructure brings best business practices to Australian operators and helps improve efficiency while boosting productivity.”

“The eldercare sector is going to be an important area of focus for governments given the inevitable burden of their aging populations. Coupled with it are demands for ever increasing the quality of care, albeit at a reduced cost. These paradoxical goals can be achieved only through the smart deployment of technology,” said Dr. Keren Priyadarshini, Regional Business Leader, Worldwide Health Industry, Asia, Microsoft. “Congratulations to Residential Gardens and all its stakeholders for having taken a leap of faith in the journey of digital transformation, through a partnership with Napier and Microsoft. We look forward to many such successful partnerships in transforming eldercare to a new level of productivity and efficiency.”

About the Napier Long-Term Care Solution Suite

The Napier long-term care solution suite is an AI-powered, highly scalable and robust Microsoft Azure Cloud-based system. It sees to the automation of time-consuming management, administrative and other non-clinical/non-caregiving tasks associated with long-term care. It also enables the provision of better services in residential and home care.

The suite consists of:-

  • The award-winning Napier Nursing Home Solution (NHS), which garnered premier customer Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home a Singapore National Health IT Excellence Award in 2017
  • The innovative Napier Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) being deployed in multiple locations around the world
  • The AI-powered Napier Assistant, which enables access, update, and operation through the systems completely by voice command—practically doing away with the need for any keyboard strokes
  • The foundation of the industry-leading Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure

Catering to the needs of every single stakeholder in the care of a residential or non-residential care client the Napier long-term care solution suite delivers benefits:-


Higher efficiency (30-90 percent reduction in turnaround time for key processes), lower costs of operation, increased revenue and cash flow


Greater visibility into and data-driven insights on operations for more informed strategic planning and resource optimization


Improved care transparency, faster assessment, and admission—altogether enabling heightened resident/client care (with 80-90 percent improvement in accuracy and effort for medication administration)


Better care with the choice of different levels of care and access to emergency help whenever needed; greater independence and self-confidence


The peace of mind that comes from knowing a loved one is taken care of round the clock

For more information on Napier Healthcare Solutions’ long-term care solution suite, go to www.napierhealthcare.com/ILTC/.


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About Napier Healthcare Solutions
Headquartered in Singapore, Napier Healthcare Solutions is a specialist global technology vendor for healthcare providers. As a pioneer in promoting an “inclusive technology” approach among aged care providers, Napier offers a comprehensive solutions suite that includes an interoperable Cloud-based platform that empowers Long Term Care providers in areas such as Nursing Homes, Home Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Telemedicine. Powered by Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning solutions and Napier’s technology expertise, healthcare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with Comprehensive Mobility access. For more information, make your way to www.napierhealthcare.com.

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