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Residential Gardens Partners Napier Healthcare for Advanced Telehealth

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, AUGUST 3, 2017 – Healthcare technology solutions provider Napier Healthcare today announced that one of Australia’s most progressive eldercare facilities, Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged (Residential Gardens), has implemented the Napier Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution. Napier RPM covers the management of patient-residents’ vital signs (such as blood pressure, pulse rate and pulse oximetry), blood glucose levels and the administration of urinalysis for Residential Gardens.


The Residential Gardens deployment of Napier RPM is a first-of-its-kind use of Singapore healthcare IT in Australia. The implementation marks Napier Healthcare’s successful entry to the Australian healthcare sector, which was achieved with valuable assistance from IE Singapore, the government agency responsible for assisting Singapore companies in overseas expansion.


“We will be pioneers,” said Residential Gardens CEO Marta Terracciano. “With this system, we can continue to ensure that our staff deliver the most appropriate clinical care to each resident at any point in time. It also serves to speed up our service improvement efforts, which are focused on increasing care quality and reducing health risks due to ageing.”


Using wirelessly connected devices and Napier’s Cloud-based platform, the Napier RPM system improves care quality by eliminating manual recording of vitals, increases productivity and promotes a new model of eldercare service delivery in the country.


“Napier Healthcare is proud to have Residential Gardens as a partner in Australia,” said Tirupathi Karthik, CEO, Napier Healthcare. “Our experience with the RPM deployment has shown that it is possible to raise the quality of Eldercare services significantly over the medium term. Increasingly in the face of labour problems, it serves as a productivity tool that can be used to improve quality of care and reduce costs at the same time.”


The implementation of Napier RPM at Residential Gardens extends the delivery of medical care to the more than 100 residents at its Rooty Hill, Sydney facility. Using Napier RPM, Care Plans can be created to provide timely alerts based on the individual condition of each resident. For instance, reminders can be set for caregivers to test the blood sugar level of a diabetic resident at mealtimes. This timely reminder further minimises the risk of errors on the part of caregivers. At a central facility within Residential Gardens, caregivers monitor the readings of the residents and initiate appropriate clinical interventions.


The implementation of Napier RPM has delivered raised efficiencies and productivity for the management and staff of Residential Gardens. They can continue to focus more time on service innovation and enhancing the quality of care further.


For more information on Napier Healthcare Solutions’ basic Napier RPM solutions, go to www.napierhealthcare.com/napier-rpm.

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