A modern, scalable platform for hospitals, clinics and their branches to offer enhanced patient care
while achieving operational efficiency and maximizing revenue

The Napier Hospital Information System (HIS) is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare today – achieving operational efficiencies, driving the healthcare provider community’s adoption of electronic medical record (EMR) technologies, deliver superior patient care while increasing revenues with new services and offerings.

Napier HIS is a web-native, integrated, multi-facility, multi-lingual and scalable platform. It can be configured to meet all the information and communication needs of the administrative, operational, revenue and clinical departments of medium to very large hospitals and networks.

Solution Highlights

Extended Care Platform

Extend point of care with new services to increase revenues

Modular Offerings

Fits healthcare enterprises of all sizes (from small to large network hospitals)

Meets Global Standards

Compliance with global standards while incorporating the latest innovations

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Market leading solution; comparable to best in market at relatively lower investment

User Experience

Enhanced user experience for greater adoption and streamlined processes

Extended Care Ecosystem

Business Impact

Better Revenue Management

Reduce administration cost and
improve financial efficiency

Optimizing Resource Management

Automated process management streamlines clinical and administrative tasks, thus empowering staff

Establish New Business Models

Generate new streams of revenue through
Napier’s integrated solution suite

Greater Visibility

Statistical analysis through BI tools enables a
greater understanding of enterprise needs

Better Planning, Informed Decisions

Provides deep insight into the work structure, processes and flows of the business environment

Greater Data Security

Access controlled system with role based access enables greater information security

Increase Revenue

Napier HIS provides healthcare organizations capabilities to
generate revenue through new business lines

Tele Health Service

Patient Monitoring Service

Long Term care

Referral management

home care

CRM/patient portal

Learn how Napier HIS can help your organization reduce costs
and find new revenue streams.

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