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Growing your career with Napier

The market for health tech innovation has accelerated during the pandemic. We see healthcare organisations preparing to reinvent their businesses and becoming more aggressive in digitalisation. Prospective employees are considering a career in Healthcare as it is one of few industries where a direct impact on fellow human beings can be seen. In addition to being in a job, this sentiment leads many people to a greater sense of fulfilment.
Job seekers in the market wonder how to get a job in the Healthcare tech industry. To find out, we asked Singapore based Napier Healthcare’s Head of Human Resource Sukeshni Tulasi for some tips and pieces of advice on what job seekers should know about working in tech in 2022.
Sukeshni talked about the trends shaping the new normal in Napier as a workplace, how it affects the talent recruitment process, how business has adjusted to support employees and new joiners, and what it takes to be a Napierite.
The pandemic has spurred a change in the way we work. How is it like in Napier?

Like many other companies, Napier has adapted to the changes in the job market, with flexible work arrangement being the primary focus. As it is, around 90% of employees are working from home and >50% of Napierites do not work in Hyderabad but in different cities. Many of our processes have become virtual, especially onboarding and training – two matters that require human interaction. We have already invested a lot of time and effort in systems that provide customised solutions for our day-to-day digital needs. 

Napier is focused on healthcare technology and innovation. Does it mean Napier only hires people with technology or healthcare background?

The true meaning of innovation can never be attained without an out-of-the box approach. Our focus is definitely more on technology. However, we also invested heavily in skills, such as research, design, and customer success. We have employees who are experts in some of the legacy skills, which are rare in the industry these days. In addition, many Napierites are Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians and Healthcare professionals. Napier hires both domain and non-domain specialists.

As a Tier 1 Healthtech player that relies on global talent , how does Napier supports its employees and promote Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)?

Napier is deeply committed to D&I and is a vision championed by our CEO himself. Recently, we have introduced a 4-day work week for mothers who return from maternity leave. The 4 -day work week is applicable for them until 6 months of the post-maternity period. The initiative is designed to offer an extra cushion to returning mothers to handle both work and parenting responsibilities. We have also hired veterans in some critical functions to encourage age diversified workforce.

Have candidate expectations shifted since the pandemic? What are the current talent expectations, and how is Napier supporting this shift?

Yes, there is definitely a huge shift in expectations. The word “flexibility” has taken a more profound meaning than before. Candidates expect interviews and the rest of the hiring process to be more flexible and accommodative around their lives. The preference for a flexible working culture, especially in remote environments, has gone up. Aspects such as employers’ focus on mental health and diversity have become more important than before. 

Napier has carefully understood the needs of employees and designed policies that are relevant to the current needs. We have amended our leave policy and added 21 days of Covid leave across the organisation. We have conducted vaccination drives and are tracking the vaccination status of all employees. 

We host quarterly mental health sessions by qualified professionals. We have also altered our employee engagement calendar and increased our focus on events that focus more on socialising and knowledge sharing. In short, we are designing our business to become life-centric rather than office-centric!

What does it take to work at Napier? What qualifications or qualities is the talent recruiter looking for?

Napier has a vibrant and family-knitted work culture that fosters diversity, innovation & employee delight. We strive for innovation that can rival any product-based organisation in the healthcare space, matched by a commitment to living our values. One can look forward to being empowered and work challenges regardless of seniority. As a Singapore brand, we believe strictly on Meritocracy, which is a cornerstone of Singapore’s economic success too!

We are constantly looking for the right people to help us change the way healthcare is delivered in the 21st Century, people that want to contribute to the advanced technology and build Napier’s future-proofed technology stack. Today, Napier’s Cloud and AI solutions are powering innovative healthcare delivery models in many emerging economies. Established in 1996, Napier’s software has helped midsized, large private and public sector hospitals worldwide transform the way hospitals capture clinical information, streamline workflow, reduce medical errors and provide analytical insight.

If you could describe your company culture in one word, what would it be? And why?

Nimble – Napier has always been agile and adaptable, with a constant willingness to rethink and adapt strategies, processes, and approaches to stay focused and relevant.

We are constantly looking for the right people to help us change the way healthcare is delivered in the 21st Century and beyond through strategic use of the right technology in the right context by the right people. Do you want to be part of the change we are about to bring to healthcare today?

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