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Napier on Futurewerk Publication:

Technology can play a unifying role to offer holistic human experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic has further accelerated the need for a patient-centric approach, driving many hospitals and health-tech companies to address those trends.

Singapore based Napier Healthcare Solutions (Napier), the leading AI-based Healthcare Cloud technology vendor, focuses on patient experience and engagement while building its healthcare management products. Napier recognizes that human-centric design is an essential focus for addressing all stakeholders’ emotional and functional needs in healthcare. It is critical to improve the experience for patients, care service providers, and other stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. For example, human-centric providers look to empower their employees with tools and solutions not only to automate mundane activities, but also to enhance their well-being and performance.

Napier’s CEO Tirupathi Karthik believes that new technologies will allow health professionals to reach millions of others who are in need of care, contain the spread of diseases, enhance care for the elderly, and provide solutions to the latest challenges without forgoing the human touch.

“Digital technologies, as we know it today, are leaving a lasting impression on people’s lives. Yet, this is just the beginning. AI and technologies such as cloud have the potential to redefine our lives. Nonetheless, for these technologies to thrive and reach their full potential, they must enable extraordinary human experience, more so in the healthcare sector. However, we must understand that technology is only an enabler; this human-centric approach will drive healthcare providers to effectively leverage technology to enhance the lives of patients, their families, employees, vendors, or in short, the society as a whole.”

Karthik shared his thoughts with Futurewerk as they collected insights on the crucial importance of delivering humane experiences in healthcare.

This publication by Futurewerk, titled Human Experience: Looking Beyond Patient Experience, offers unique perspectives from key actors across the healthcare provider ecosystem, compelling providers to reassess the efficacy of accepted patient experience metrics such as satisfaction and engagement.

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