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Implementation of Napier iLTC in Mobile Rehab, Australia

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Napier is delighted to announce another successful implementation of Napier Intermediate and Long Term Care (iLTC) solution with Mobile Rehab in Australia.

Care providers are repeatedly making adjustments to programs, inventory, and human resources to support their client-centric care model while striving to comply with the regulatory enhancement and clinical quality initiatives. Mobile Rehab is embracing Napier iLTC to modernise and future-proof its management platform to support all these changes.

Mobile Rehab recognized the importance of enhancing its digital infrastructure to provide a better working environment and staff experience. Napier iLTC is designed to support the decision making needs of clinical, administrative, and operational functions of healthcare businesses. It frees up staff from handling the vast amounts of paperwork through digital transformation, helping shift their focus from administrative to care delivery activities, empowering staff to engage in higher-value activities. For instance, the client onboarding and assessment process automation will enable Mobile Rehab to save on extra man-hours and resources, increase manageability, improve performance, and achieve greater efficacy.

While Mobile Rehab focuses on keeping their clients in good health, as their technology partner it is Napier’s role to enable operational excellence of Mobile Rehab’s business. The Napier iLTC billing module helps in better financial management that includes ensuring billing accuracy, reducing redundant time spent on bill/invoice generation through automation, and expediting the payment collection process.

Information technology has a vital role in care delivery performance and operational management. With Napier iLTC, Mobile Rehab is able to respond to new possibilities, achieve competitive advantage by using technology, and positive business growth in the long run.

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About Mobile Rehab:

Mobile Rehab (MR) is a private allied healthcare service provider for in-home healthcare. Established in 1996 by Helen Weston, currently the Managing Director MR has its head office in Brisbane. Today, the organization has more than 150 staff that provide services and support to elders and people with disabilities across South East Queensland keeping clients mobile, engaged, active and well, in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

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About Napier Healthcare®

Napier Healthcare® Solutions with Augmented Intelligence in all its products is a specialist Cloud technology vendor for care providers. Driven by the focus to deliver “Excellence in Healthcare Management” with an ingrained culture of innovation, Napier’s approach to technology ensures a platform for a variety of acute care and long term care providers. Armed with Napier’s technology and expertise, healthcare providers can now launch new service lines in the shortest possible time on the Cloud and with comprehensive Mobility access.

Today, Napier builds not only healthcare management products but is continually infusing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in all its modules. Napier’s “smart” Assistant provides actionable insights based on their Data and a predictive ability that allows for informed decisions and future-proof the business challenges.

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