Intermediate and Long-Term Care (iLTC) Suite

Comprehensive solutions for end-to-end management of clinical and
administrative operations in residential, respite.

Continuous & Integrated Care

Napier iLTC enables care providers to interface with government referral systems (where applicable) efficiently for greater operational, financial and clinical benefits as well as better planning visibility.

The web-based Napier Intermediate and Long-Term Care (iLTC) Suite offers operators of nursing homes, home care and retirement villages a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for operations, management, monitoring and treatment of their residents. Napier iLTC provides full visibility into every aspect of the operations, total control over costs, and enables new business modules with tele-health, monitoring and care management thereby providing faster ROI.

A complete solution for long term care facilities and home care

Care Coordination

Better decision making and accurate
care planning with assessments
and progress reports

Tele-health & Monitoring

Vitals measurement can be performed remotely
using connected or manual measuring devices.

Seamless Business Processes

Completely configurable billing
rules, care plans and associated reports

Facility Scheduling & Management

Assigning & scheduling facilities for long term
care needs and alerts & reminders for
care activities & critical needs

Family Engagement

Family Portal enables resident’s family
to view a snapshot of patient’s vitals, reports &
outstanding bills also allowing online payment

Resident Billing Management

Comprehensive census-management tools,
designed for multiple occupancy units and care levels, provide reporting on rent roll, vacancy and availability

One solution for all

Napier iLTC Solution is designed to meet the needs of different Long Term Care scenarios


Capabilities for out-patient health and social support providers.


Functionalities for care providers that address the health needs of elderly or Post-discharge care at their own homes.


Functionalities for supporting the day-to-day operations and requirements of a resort type care facility


Functionalities for nursing homes to manage care and services for elderly residents

Why Choose Napier?

Napier iLTC Solution is built with inputs from industry veterans, clinicians, medical authorities and patients.

Our successful implementation

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home (LAMH) is a family-run nursing home established in the mid-1960s by the late Madam Lee Ah Mooi. LAMH pursues a focused and unique strategy where it firmly caters to the low-to-middle income group, targeting mainly families in the sandwiched class who are unable to receive government subsidises.

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I would like to thank my staff at Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home and our partner, Napier Healthcare Solutions, for all their hard work in making this system work for us. NHS [Napier Nursing Home Solution] encourages greater efficiencies and facilitates decision-making. Since we launched the program, we achieved significant operational savings of 14.3 man hour’s equivalent to S$178.75 per month per nurse on medication administration, and 46 man-hours per resident to process admission of referrals through integration with the Integrated Referral Management System and ILTC Portal system.

Then Kim Yuan, Administrator, Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

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Learn how Napier iLTC can help your organization reduce costs and
improve health outcomes.

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