Regulatory Medical System

Specialized Medical Record System for Licensing REQUEST DEMO

The Next-Generation, EMR-driven Alternative to Paper-based Medical Assessments

Napier RMS is a secure electronic medical record (EMR) system that provides an integrated platform for medical and fitness assessments. RMS is purpose-built for industries driven by regulations. Using RMS results in faster and seamless medical assessment processes with fewer errors.

RMS transforms paper-based flows to leverage medical records and workflows based on “state-of-the-art” technologies. The rules derived from best practices enable process efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

RMS plays a vital role in improving the occupational health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors and other personnel who require professional licenses in industries such as –

Oil & Gas


RMS provides a platform for the entry, access and assessment of medical records for
fresh applicants and license holders requiring renewals.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

A centralized EMR that can be integrated with any system and provides easy access to health record

Reports and Dashboards

Assists continual process optimization by
regulatory bodies and policymakers

Configurable Workflow

Customized processes for different users

Health Assessments

Systemized collection of electronically-stored
health information saves time

Online Application Submission

Paperless, highly accurate
data capture

Monitor Medical Licensing

Dashboard-based decision support
to ensure operational safety and efficiency

Benefits of RMS

Collaborative and

Adherence to regulatory
standards and policies

Ease of application submission and remarkably informed applicants

Reducing errors through digitization of assessment process

Cutting-edge technology improvements

Lower cost than homegrown systems

For Applicants

To obtain or retain a valid license, it is essential that applicants meet medical fitness standards which set by their regulatory authorities. With RMS, candidates apply online for their medical assessments, and are kept informed throughout the entire process, which involves multi-party evaluation.

For Regularity Authority Board

RMS provides the necessary information required for quick and accurate assessment of an applicant’s medical fitness. It’s a decision-making platform that enables all stakeholders to efficiently work together on the assessment, review and approval of a candidate’s fitness level. By properly digitizing processes, errors are kept to a minimum, workflows are improved, and public safety standards are met at all times.

Occupational Health & Safety

Employee and public safety is the absolute top priority of any industry, which has to go beyond just merely ensuring compliance and that minimal legal requirements are met. Every industry has to work to bring safety risks as low as they possibly can. RMS plays a vital role in the identification of the root causes of safety problems quickly so they can be addressed immediately.


Napier Healthcare Solutions Pte Ltd (Napier) was awarded the contract to develop an online platform for the Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB) in September 2015 that integrates functions of an electronic medical records system and an end-to-end business process management software. The contract was awarded via open tender wherein Napier was chosen based on their demonstrated capability and experience in developing electronic medical records systems for other healthcare facilities. Within a year, Napier successfully developed the Electronic Licensing Medical Records System (ELMeRS) for the CAMB meeting all the specifications stipulated in the contract.….Since October 2016, ELMeRS has been running smoothly and serving the CAMB and our licence holders who are required to maintain their Classes 1, 2, and 3 Medical Assessments. It has allowed the CAMB to achieve our target to have a one-stop online platform to enhance the quality and efficiency of the entire medical assessment process…It is to Napier’s credit for delivering on the ELMeRS project on time and meeting all the requirements of the CAMB.

— Dr. Jarnail Singh, Chairman, Civil Aviation Medical Board, Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

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