Remote Patient Management

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Complete telehealth and chronic disease management solution to remotely monitor health condition to augment conventional clinical settings.

All-in-one remote care management solution for:

Centre based

Remote Patient Management allows nurses to monitor and collect vital signs through connected devices enabling nursing homes to deliver timely care

HOME based

RPM improves effectiveness of home visits through automated vitals collection and tele-health to monitor patients in between visits


RPM with its population health management capabilities can help reduce risks, claim ratios, retain members and promote proactive disease management

How does it work?

Compatible managing devices wirelessly connect with RPM to record your vital health data. e.g. activity trackers, BP monitors

Your health information is analysed by RPM in a secure environment, sending real time updates about your wellbeing

Nominated clinicians, caregivers and family members view your health data and are alerted in times of concern

Telehealth Platform Features

Convenient dashboards for health management of the patients/residents. This allows individualised consumer-directed care.
Alerts can be configured for the incoming data on the dashboard for optimal interventions and increased efficiency.

Interactive Dashboards

Role-based user centric dashboards
designed for usable interaction


Allow doctors/nurses to remotely
consult users when necessary

Care Management

Completely configurable care plans
for diverse groups of users

Panic Alerts

Residents in aged care settings can alert and seek help with panic button


Configurable questionnaire;
analyse the patient’s condition
using the scoring system

Calendars and Scheduling

Healthcare providers can schedule activities
and upcoming tasks for patients and
set those as reminders

Mobile App Features

Vitals measurement can be performed remotely using connected or manual measuring devices. Users can complete validated questionnaires and nurses can perform assessments. The RPM mobile app forwards all relevant information to the health care provider.

Vitals Collection

Collect vitals on mobile wirelessly with seamless interaction

Virtual Visits

Connect with the care provider from mobile device through tele-consult

Validated Questionnaires

Complete questionnaires to allow better assessment of health condition

Nurse App

Nurse is able to collect vitals for multiple patients/residents using secure one-touch authentication

Continuous Education

Inform users on their condition with health tips, rehab best practices and much more

Reminders and Notifications

Users receive reminders and notifications regarding the upcoming health checks and other scheduled tasks

Business Impact

Smart and relevant interventions for efficient care with higher operational cost savings.

Reduced Operational Cost

Ability to serve more patients without increasing staff or infrastructure

Optimized Home Visits

Faster vital collection and tele-health to augment home visits

Improved Outcomes

Timely and proactive interventions for better care

Lower Risk

Early detection of symptoms and intervention reduces hospitalization

Why Choose Napier?

Napier RPM Solution is built with inputs from industry veterans, clinicians, medical authorities and patients.

Our successful implementation

Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged, one of Australia's most progressive eldercare facilities, is now using Napier RPM to better monitor and manage their residents' chronic conditions. Napier RPM covers the management of patient-residents’ vital signs, blood glucose levels and the administration of urinalysis for Residential Gardens.

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