Napier Assistant

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Tackle key business challenges with Napier’s innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies.

Usher in a new face of the hospital information and communication system using Napier Assistant. This voice-enabled AI platform not only helps lowering operating costs, it transforms experience for patients, doctors and staff into conversational, personalized, and instantly gratifying engagement. Napier Assistant is available in two modes – For your patients and for internal use for doctors, nursing and other staff.

It transforms the typical call center, front desk experience into a faster and more interactive session that solves their key inquiries, questions and service needs such as appointment booking. It can also interface with triage process that will guide patients to right doctors as well as capture pre-consult questionnaire that leads to time savings during the doctor consultation session.

Clinical Staff or Nurses
Napier assistant helps avoid clinical errors in capturing health data, e.g. vitals at the source (at the bed side for example). It saves time for the staff on various administration activities like bed swap, bed status update, etc. This can be extended for service orders and crucial updates that can be available anytime anywhere instead of designated nursing work stations.

Key Features and Capabilities

For Patients

  • General inquiries – Virtual customer service representative to provide instant answers to key inquires such as doctor availability, timings, insurance policies, service rates and more.
  • Book appointments – Book and manage (reschedule / cancel) appointments for consultations, lab services and more.
  • Triage - Interpret and understand symptoms so you can see the right doctor and also save time during consultation with pre-consult questionnaire
  • Virtual assistant available 24/7 on the mobile phone

For Clinical Staff (Nurses)

  • Capture patient vitals at the bed side using voice, chat interface
  • Bed Management – Change the status of the beds, swap beds and check ward related information
  • Quickly access help guides for software such as medication administration and more.

For Administrators

  • Access business intelligence reports


Cost Reduction

  • More efficient time management for doctors and nurses leading to higher patient satisfaction and decreased doctor burnout using patient triaging
  • Make customer service more scalable and easy via front desk automation

Better Patient Engagement

  • Delight patients with faster and accurate responses to general queries
  • Improved patient-doctor/hospital relations

Improved Customer Service

  • Delight patients with faster and accurate responses to general queries
  • Avoids clinical errors in capturing health data at the source (at the bed side for example)

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